Talent Agent for Partners, aspiring partners & senior lawyers

For Law Firm, Corporate & Government Clients

As a Talent Agent we find career opportunities and broker deals for partners, aspiring partners and senior lawyers.


Our expertise comes from having helped craft the careers of some of Brisbane's most successful lawyers since 1998.  

The way we help is fundamentally different to that of a traditional recruiter because:

  • like a player agent in the professional sporting world, we act exclusively for you, the individual lawyer not the law firm, by proactively seeking out all available opportunities in the market (advertised and not) that fit your ideal profile; and 


  • we choose not to be financially retained by any law firms to headhunt on their behalf so have no preference which firm pays our fee when we successfully place a lawyer into a role.

These significant philosophical differences mean we are unbiased and objective in how we represent you.


The reality of the Brisbane legal recruitment market is that any lawyer, with good pedigree, good experience and a business case will have multiple opportunities in a variety of firms of different shapes and sizes to choose from if they decide to start looking.


Finding out where the jobs are is not the challenge in today's online legal jobs market. And the idea that a quality senior lawyer need "apply" for jobs advertised online by multiple recruiters is nonsense and belittling.

The key to successful partner, aspiring partner & senior lawyer career moves is knowing how to find the right "fit"; something aligned with the professional, personal, financial and family objectives of the individual and then negotiating the right deal. This is because the more advanced a lawyer is in their career and life the more important, complex and multi-layered the issues become. 


If you get this "fit" and the deal right, the risks of making a bad career move are significantly minimised. 


But if you choose to apply to multiple online ads run by different recruiters then you can take your chances with that approach. 

If you are genuinely interested in finding the right fit for you at this stage of your career and life then please click on "The Business of You" tab on this website or here.







We represent the best legal talent in the market and have been helping our clients build their teams since 1998.


For law firm clients, we know that without having a cadre of high quality lawyers to represent we are of no value to you.  And that is why we see our role as representing and introducing to you the best legal talent in the Brisbane market so as to add value to your business and help meet your strategic growth needs.  We transition senior lawyers, Partners and Partners with teams and practices up to and in excess of $3m. 

For corporate and government clients, our track record of successfully sourcing legal talent for in-house roles is unparalleled in Queensland.  Having worked for clients including:

  • Flight Centre

  • Boeing 

  • Tafe Qld

  • Brisbane Airport Corporation

  • Sun Water 

  • EDL Energy

  • Crown Law & various government departments

  • The Bank of Queensland

  • Goodstart Early Learning

  • Powerlink 

  • Lexon 

  • Queensland Rail

  • Tri Star Petroleum

  • Tritium, to name a few.


We know what makes a good in-house lawyer. 


We are always keen to work with organisations who value talent as much as we do.