If there is one immutable truth we have learnt, it is that every lawyer's motivations, ambitions and life circumstances are unique and dynamic. No job is forever and things change.  We get that.

Gerard Petersen

Someone once said of Gerard "He's not like a normal recruiter because he actually gives a sh*t about people".


Through his own life experience of being a lawyer, legal talent agent, career coach, business owner, manager, leader, husband and father of three, Gerard brings depth, perspective and commercial nous to career decision making. 

His career management framework 'The Business of You'  has, at its core, the belief that successful lawyers must view themselves as a business-of-one, solely responsible for the direction and trajectory of their career, not relying on any employer to satisfy their professional, personal, financial or family wellbeing.


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Unlike traditional recruiters we have a candidate focussed philosophy.


Our priority is to look after the lawyer we represent.  We are about matching the individual lawyers needs, at whatever their stage of career and life, with a business who can best satisfy those needs. 


We want the lawyers we represent to be professionally successful, financially secure as well as happy and fulfilled in life. 

Ashleigh Stewart

The experience of being a lawyer at a career crossroads herself with no guidance was, and still is, Ashleigh's motivation to do recruitment differently.


She gets no greater enjoyment than finding someone their ideal role and making it a seamless and stress-free process.

Ashleigh prides herself on giving real, honest advice to lawyers regardless of whether its what they want to hear, or if it means not placing them.  She gets a kick out of helping people.




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