Career conversations, alignment & strategy and coaching for partners, aspiring partners and senior lawyers

Not sure if you should stay or go? Wondering whether you are where you should be in your career?

Feel like there must be something 'out there' that's better for you professionally, personally, financially and family-wise... but is that possible?

Not interested in actively engaging in the recruitment sales process of looking for a better career opportunity?

Well, you are not alone.  Many partners and senior lawyers find themselves in this place because at this mature stage of career and life things are more complicated, multi-layered; there's more to consider and more at risk.  


This is why The Business of You was created. The Business of You offers partners, aspiring partners and senior lawyers a range of non-sales driven career services designed to help you find your career niche through:

  • Career Conversations

  • Career alignment & strategy

  • Career coaching

Please check out here how The Business of You might help you.